IRC-001 Smart Rifle Calibrator

Easy to carry and install
One-shot Auto-calibration
Product Introduction

Smart Rifle Calibrator is an auxiliary calibration electronic device for day riflescopes which can be mounted quickly and briefly in front of the objective of day riflescope when calibration is required. The user only needs to follow the instructions of the calibrator to perform the reticle adjustment and shooting operation, easy and accurate. After the calibration is completed, the calibrator can be removed.

This product can perfectly simplify the cumbersome steps in manual calibration operation with the built-in algorithm, which saves much time and effort for the calibration. The compact size, light weight, easy mounting and simple operation are more suitable for carrying with firearms.

Product Features

Easy Transformation: provided ring adapter allow user to mount on and dismount from the riflescopes easily.

Cute size and lightweight, compatible with all kinds of day scopes and easy to carry and install.

One-shot Auto-calibration: advanced optional function allow user to accomplish the auto-calibration by just one shot.

Technical Parameter


Distance of calibration

25 m

Working Hours

Typical 1.5 h

Working Voltage

DC 3 V

Angle of View


Calibration Error

<0.25 mil


210 g, connecting adapter and battery included)


150 mm, connecting adapter and battery included)

Supporting Requirements


length of size 50~70 cm, grey background, with loop line


5~8 mm

Illumination intensity

Target surface>300 Lux

Day Riflescopes

Typical magnification 4X,eyepiece lens size 39±1mm

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