BOE-008 Multifunction Fused Day and Night Vision Device

BOE-008 Multifunction Fused Day and Night Vision Device

Product Introduction

BOE-008 is a high performance product which may observe, monitor, photograph and record video for targets day and night. By fusion images from low-light CMOS and infrared together, the device is capable of providing images and searching, recognition and monitoring targets even in severe weather day and night. This product can be used in patrol, investigation, anti-terrorism, rescue, law enforcement, custom suppress smuggling, forest fire prevention, etc.

Product Features
♦ Highly integrated
♦ High resolution
♦ Easy to use
♦ Robustness
System Structure
The product is consisted of uncooled thermal infrared imager, low-light CMOS, dual-OLED display, etc.
BOE-008 Multifunction Fused Day and Night Vision Device


Technical Parameter
Identification Mode Distance
Distance Low-light ≥ 500m
  Thermal Image ≥1.0 km
  Fused ≥1.0 km
Infrared Thermal Imager Sensor VOX-Uncooled Plain Focal Array
Resolution 640×512
Pixel Pitch 17μm×17μm
Wavelength 7.5μm~13.5μm
Angle of View 16.3°×13°
CMOS Imager Sensor Low-light CMOS
Resolution 800×600
Pixel Pitch 18μm×18μm
Size 36.8mm×13.4mm
Wavelength 350~1000mm
Angle of View 16.4°×12.3°
Image Fusion Function Four modes: Low-light, thermal image, fused grey and fused color
Angle of View 16°×12°
Interface Image Output PAL
File Output USB2.0
Specifications Power Supply DC12V
Power Dissipation Total 6W
Continuous Working Time ≥4h
Working Environment Working Temperature -40℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature -50℃~+70℃
Shock ≤30g
Rain Exposure Intensity 1.7mm/min, drop size 0.5-4.5mm
Vibration Simulation of transport:
frequency 5~55Hz, acceleration 1.5g
Physical Characteristics Dimension 170mm ×190mm ×105mm
Weight 1.0Kg (battery included)


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